Tuesday, July 04, 2006

break the silence

Hey ppl, yeah i know, it has been a looong time since i last posted. and yeah, shit loads of stuff has happened along the way.

firstly, new job: it rocks, i'm appreciated, i'm valued and i love working with people who are passionate about what they do, who don't take themselves seriously, who really really have a desire and a comittment to excelling. it's been a while since i saw the value of my role in a company, and here, i know wat that is. i'm once again at the place where i feel most comfortable, i'm an enabler and initiator. I can see that the people in charge have 1) more competency than most, 2) more sense than most, 3) more empathy than most.

secondly, new band line up: well, not exactly a new line up, our beloved drummer has left us to focus on other committments. I do miss the connection we had when playing. After a year of playing together, things were slowly beginning to fall into place. but i guess, change is inevitable. so Mr. I, all the best in whatever you do. Now we've been mingling and dabbling with the idea of a 2 acoustic guitar and vocal set. more news on that later. we've only had like 2 jam sessions. and still need time to gel.

and finally, you: you make me happy.


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