Wednesday, July 27, 2005


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Prairie Dog needs no explanation.

Actually, it might. But Ian might take offense.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

2 Tao Huay and Pho

Tao Huay 1.

Tao Huay butt has enlisted. Needless to say after the next 3 months in that island, THB, will still most likely be the same colour.

Tao Huay 2. and Pho

Unrelated incident to THB; after getting a haircut on Friday nite, I was waiting for my bus to drag my sorry ass home (yes, I was home on a friday nite). When lo and behold, I peer out of my copy of Alex Garland's - The Beach and eyeball this svelte, sexy piece of art. For arguments sake, lets just call her Jane.

Upon further inspection, I noticed Jane has great hair, and is kinda pleasant looking in a quirky sorta way. Jane has a face that was passingly unforgettable. Her figure while not super model, would give some red-blooded males the hives. Her smile was well.. toothy to say the least, but not uncomplimentary.

then it all goes down hill.

Firstly, i'm all for the pale look, the I've-never-let-the-sun-touch-my-skin-cos-i'm-afraid-of-cancer look, but Jane looked whiter than MJ. (THB would probably have been about the right shade) I'm all for the nice flat bared tummy peeking out from between a sexy top and hipster skirts. I'm challenged to remeber when I've seen a whiter shade of pale.

Secondly, and most pertubingly, was the presence of Pho. Or if you prefer, fur. What once was the domain of cute forest animals and bejewelled widowers of texan-oil-barons, has now become the sole ownership of Jane's bared stomach.

"Excuse me? Did a Koala die on your stomach?"

The guy standing next to me also seemed to notice her homage to the pelt industry and quickly averted his eyes to his copy of FHM, or in this case Fur Him Magazine.

The tired old cliche - If you've got it, flaunt it, seems horribly inept and misquoted.

So, Dear Jane, for the sake of all that is to be oggled, WAX :P

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Chocolate, yes please

You Are Chocolate Ice Cream
You have a flair for the dramatic and love to party.
Your personality is super strong and unique.
Many people crave you constantly - while you turn a few off.
You are most compatible with coffee ice cream.

funny this. i coulda sworn i was some strange flavour like garlic ice cream.

after the marathon conversation with coffee ice cream, i realised how infinitely large the world is, and how small our place/view/understanding is.

in any case, i'm glad your along for the ride.