Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Would you believe...

Maxwell Smart,
Agent 86,


Inspector Gadget,
Cartoon Character,


Father of Cecily,
who is Ishka,
who is Quark's Mom,

is dead.

I guess another page in my wry, self-depracating history is closed.
I remember coming home from primary school and rushing to catch the madcap antics of my favourite super spy thats not Mr. Bond.

Even now, the damn theme song is playing in my head. I can see him stumbling through the closing doors as the strangely, but not oddly mantled doorways slowly grant him access to HQ.
I'm a product of what i've watched on the telly as a kid. namely, The Muppet Show, Get Smart, A-Team, Knight Rider, and a gazzortment of other shoes from the early to late eighties.

I've always wanted a phone in my shoe. and i want to build a nude bomb.

goodnight don, thanks for the laughs.

Don Adams,
Comedian, Actor

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Notorius P.I.D featuring starfish

"Prolapsed intervertebral disc is a condition where the gelatinous nucleus pulposus squeezes through the annulus fibrosus and bulges in a posterior or posterolateral direction, beneath the posterior longitudinal ligament. This causes pressure symptoms on the root below the level of herniation - most commonly S1, then L5, then L4. Other defects are rarer, and higher defects ought to be investigated for other causes."


Its been seven years since the initial accident that gave me this problem.
Almost 5 years to the date of my accident during my army days which caused a recurrence and subsequently degenerative process from a compression of the lumbar vertebrae to full fledged PID

"Lumbar disc degenerative lesions most commonly occur at L4/5 and L5/S1. Prolapse of the disc is more likely in a young person secondary to degenerative - spondylotic - disc changes and following an awkward lift or other strain. In middle-aged people, root compression in the lumbar region may be associated with hypertrophic degenerative disease - spondylosis. Lateral disc protrusion typically only affects the nerve roots, whilst a central disc protrusion may compress the cauda equina: this is a neurological emergency."

L5S1, the fifth lumbar vertebrae, and the first saccral one. has shown considerable loss of disc height. great, one more obvious sign that im shorter than i need to be.
apparently, my condition isnt unique, in fact, its one of the most common spinal injuries. most people suffer from back problems, stiffness, decreased mobility. but, most people don't get tingling sensations down their legs.

"Conservative measures may be sufficient in 90% of cases:

bed rest - for 6 weeks on an orthopaedic mattress, or with a hard board under the mattress
pain relief - NSAID and diazepam"

now, i couldnt agree more with the reccomended treatment. i'd love 6 weeks off.
sadly, if i did that, i wouldnt be able to afford the pain relief. btw, don't be a dumb ass like me and take pain meds, forget that i've taken them, drink my last beer, and end up being trippy the whole day.

so, the notorius P.I.D, has resurfaced and has reared his ugly face. 2pac Diazepam needs to gun him down all over again.

i got to talk to tom today :D

I saw a starfish on the ground
He was half buried in the sand
Just so out of place and ahh
He was a long long way from home
I was a long long way from home
And so we talked a little while
Then I shook his hands....and I
I was a long long way from home

starfish rock

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I like wednesdays

middle of the week, everything is downhill from here.

got back from KL late last night. was an uneventful bus journey back.
managed to get out of going to penang next week :D

came back from KL with the realistion of 3 Is, Infrastructure, Ideas, and Idiots

Infrastructure, you need it everywhere, in whatever you do. IT. Music. Sex. Drugs.
but u'd be surprised how many ppl would rather spend money on the short term fix than build/ implement a solution that will actually FIX the problems.

Ideas, are good, are needed, keep things fresh. but without the right people and the right infrastructure.. PFFFT!

and what do you call those people who rather spend money on the short term... Idiots :D

- corporate governance gone wrong

to all non existant blog readers, here is a huge non-existant hug
and to assorted body parts... don't make me unscrew something.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


for all my loyal, non-existant readers.

i will be away in kl from friday till tuesday.

so keep not reading my blog.

gonna miss you all


Originally uploaded by subterreaneansunshine.
This cat is so handsome.

and extremely manja.

he can be located at the DBS/ POSB atm' at Marine Terrace.

but dog's rule.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

goodbye clarence

Clarence is gone

Sunday, September 11, 2005

growing up

10 years ago, i had ideals, i had plans, i had purpose

10 years ago, i was invincible

10 years ago, i couldn't lose

Now i feel caught between 2 worlds.

A world of promise and challenges, and a world of memories and longings.

letting go isn't easy.

help me let go.

or help me embrace it all.