Thursday, September 30, 2004

Let my love open the door

When tragedy befalls you
Don't let them bring you down
Love can cure your problem
You're so lucky I'm around
Let my love open the door
Let my love open the door
Let my love open the door To your heart

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The eternal sunshine of breasts

Fact: Men are obsessed with breasts
Fact: Women are obsessed with breasts

The difference? Men are obsessed with breasts not their own (we prefer those on women), and women are obsessed with their own.

Now, before u call me a perverted old man (lao tee ko). Recorded history vindicates me.
It's not called the Mona Leonard. Hubert of Troy? John of Arc? Alfred of Resident Evil. How about MJ in pointy triumph? I think you catch my drift.

The female figure is much nicer to gaze upon. A plethora of curves and nuances. hiding her untold stories. Every inch of epithelial lovingly and gently pampered and cared for.

Men, please show appreciation to your women for taking care of herself with her gazillion step regimen of tone, cleanse, moisturise, pluck, pick, pinch, ponder etc..etc..etc.
not only will she look fantastic, but she'll be really nice to cuddle up with too!

Women, please stop asking your men if they're big/pert/nice enough. We dont know how to answer that question. (actually.. this goes for the "does this dress make me look fat?" question too)

thank you for listening.

by the way. mangoes are better than watermelons

Sunday, September 26, 2004

The ears have walls.

short post,
short weekend,

tis' passing strange that the random emotions of the heart are usually the ones that seem to leave the most lingering impressions. and still those emotions bring up yet even more unwanted (but not unwelcome) memories.

contract count : 2 / 52 weeks

Friday, September 17, 2004

1 down 51 to go.

Weeks that is.

i'm into my first week of a one year as a contract software developer.

good things about the new job:
1) more money then the crap i was getting earlier
2) more structured and definately a place i can learn new stuff
3) i start at 830 and end at 530

bad things about the new job:
1) the people in my department are either channel 8 or vesantham central.
2) lunch in the area is bloody expensive
3) i start at 830 and end at 530

Yeah, living in a different timezone for the last 2 years doesnt help me trying now to merge back in with the rest of the corporate meat. but i'm still trying to adjust my sleep patterns... im trying to sleep by 1am everynite... but so far.. im still hitting 3 or 4am.. and waking up at 715.

but there is something nice about waking up early, when i found out what it is, i'll tell you.

but seriously, i like the peacefulness of the mornings. when even the doggies are asleep, and my rabbit is happily munching his morning carrot. the morning bus rides with the other denizens od the cbd has been mostly un-entertaining. everyone is lost in their own small corner and hoping to grab that extra half hour nap. but it does give me some time to think, and ponder about life and about the stuff thats been bugging me. hard to describe the semi-confused state of myself. but i think it was emerson who said,

There only 2 tragedies in life,

One, is to not get your heart's desire,

and the other is to get it

he's one smart dude.

am Currently listening to Mr Big's Aint Seen Love Like That.

I've been miles from nowhere
Crossed and doubled back
Time is a healer
And I've done my time
Cause I ain't seen love like that

put emerson and mr big together... thats me.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Evils of the World... through the eyes of blind man

Tell me who of them will come to be
How many of them are you and me
Race Relations
Miscreation the evils of the world

Hmm i didn't realise that its the anniversary of 911. thought provoking no? Stevie Wonder wrote this song.

Interesting that a blind man could see more than us non visually impaired people. guess thats where the phrase "you cant see the forest for the trees"

side note: i start new work on monday. im a corporate meat.

side note 2: i cant find my camera's data transfer cable AND my damn headphones AND my MD's data transfer cable. the little house elves that despise my technology have struck again. on the flipside... i found my lip balm.

side note 3: Merv. if u see this am praying for your aunt, you and your family

Monday, September 06, 2004


No.. its not a fruit stoked up on vodka

been down with the flu the last couple of days
lost my voice.

but all in all.. had a good rest on saturday and sunday
Merv and Chad brought me out for dinner on friday at east coast. good pizza, good drinks, good friends. wat more can anyone ask for?

met up with colin and gab later. ended up trying to complete the elusive pool round for prata.

wanted to send shu off that morning but.. the throat + fever conspired against me. so all i could manage was a phone call. even then it was a drug induced semi comatose state i was in when i called her. anyway shu, was good that we could hang out and tease certain ppl. :) looking forward to u coming back in may

why am i melancholic..


Monday you could fall apart..
Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart,
Thursday doesnt even start
its Friday I'm in love.


Friday, September 03, 2004

It sneaks up on you

another year... another point of so-called significance.

had a pretty quiet birthday. and thats the way i like it.
i dont need the validation that some ppl want. dont need no big parties/presents. im just glad that the people dearest to me remembered :) and even the ones who are dear to me that i've let slip away.

thanks for the cake guys :)

btw. for dinner .. it was Sambal Fried Lady's Fingers
Tepung Tauhu soup.. Cashew But Chicken.. and the killer.. Udang Masak Nenas.

wats the best thing about being 26? i guess not being 16 again.
and i get to eat leftovers tomorrow!!