Sunday, August 15, 2004

Just to see the smile upon your face

A diamond that shines
Like a star in the sky
Is nothing to behold
For miniscule is any light
If it cant like you brighten up my soul

Saturdays are cool.

Spent most of the day cleaning the 2 rooms that would go thru a slight overhaul next week. After which i enjoyed the company of Gil, Katherine, Sarah, Nick and Warrick.

In an earlier post is mentioned i talk too much. well maybe thats not the whole picture. mebbe its cos i listen too little.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Sometimes the world is better seen in black and white

Another travesty.

Why would big movie houses even think about colorising the big 3 goofballs? that's like saying "the sky has been blue too long, lets make it pink"

Black & White TV shows and films should be left in their monochrome glory.

Do we want our kids growing up thinking that colour back then was strange shades of auburn with unnatural halo of green? Colorising classic cartoons like steamboat willy so that it'll appeal to a new demographic is one thing.altho' kids nowadays are so used to the slick cell animation and CG inspired stuff that traditional classics like that are gonna look like really cheesy B flicks from the 70s.

Colour is arbritrary. would To kill a mockingbird (which was colourised, i think) be any less impactfull as black and white? my knowledge of old movies is limited. but i do believe that these classics deserve to be left as is. Imagine watching the Longest Day and seeing the badly coloured uniforms and a pasty John Wayne gracing the screen.

You dont mess with the classics

nuff said

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Why do words get in the way?

Ever had to say something, but no matter how many ways you thought it through in your mind, you could never find the right words?

Some people have told me I talk too much. Some people have said they value wat i say, others think im full of crap (myself included).

then you could always say to me "tell the truth", "be honest", "keep it simple". but it aint always so simple to be honest and tell the truth. when a single misplaced word could really hurt someone (not necessarily me)

so i resolve to talk less.. and listen more. so that the impact/poignance of wat i say will actually be better than the random crap that i usually spew.

why have i suddenly gone into an introspective of myself? i dunno..

dang.. i guess its age.